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Roxanne Stoppini

Private Chef

My philosophy

“Gastronomy is to me the art of preparing good food to create happiness”

French Chef

I was born in Nice, a beautiful city in the French Riviera, known worldwide for its gastronomy and luxury hotels industry. I developed a passion for traditional artisanal French cuisine from an early age. Based on my roots, Italian gastronomy is a source of inspiration that is very present in my dishes.


I graduated from the Culinary Academy Esccom in France and completed my apprenticeship at the emblematic Palais de la Méditerranée. After working with Chef Michel Devilier, I developed a passion for haute cuisine.


I worked as a Sous-Chef in La Vague de Saint Paul de Vence and as Pastry Chef in the famous five star hotels Can Simoneta and Pleta de Mar in Majorca. I enhanced my culinary repertoire by travelling and meeting chefs. I enjoy discovering new cultures, tastes, recipes and techniques. I try new combinations, based on my experience and intuition.

The kitchen

My passion

Majorca is my paradise. I am lucky to live in this place where I live by my passion, the cuisine. When I arrived in 2016, I fell in love with the island and the man who is now my husband.

Two years later, I came up with the idea of creating Stoppini Private Chef to offer an exclusive, high quality service.

I work with local producers as ecology is important to me in my job, as well as in everyday life. Buying on my doorstep and using seasonal products is to bet on responsible and sustainable consumption.

Y además, sabe mejor.


The re-invented lemon pie.

Memories of childhood. The smell of butter in the dough that’s browning in the oven, the acidity of the lemon is balanced out by a cloud of Italian meringue.

Ever since I found my profession, I’ve been searching for the perfect recipe. Today, I take pride in presenting my favourite creation, the fruit of much work, my famous lemon meringue pie.

Simply delicious!!!

– Roxanne Stoppini